What if...
5 July 2013

Most likely you have seen the movie The Matrix where people are living in a world in which things are not really how they appear to be. What if there really was a matrix and we were all, unknowingly, involved in it?

What if you knew about it and you tried to tell people but they didn't believe you? What if somebody else knew about it and was trying to tell you but you didn't believe them?

What if you had been tricked into agreeing to be part of the matrix and you didn't even know it?

What if many of those unalienable rights, given to us by the Creator, had been taken away and replaced with privileges that the Government granted and the Government could take away?

What if America was no longer the land of the free but people continued to think that it was?

What if the Constitution was no longer in effect but everybody just kept assuming that it was?

What if banks did not actually lend you their own money but, simply made a bookeeping entry which magically created money out of nothing and then they expected you to pay them back, with interest?

What if courts were not really places you went to to receive justice but were actually corporations, in business to make money?

What if the Federal Reserve was not really a part of the Government but was another private, money making corporation?

What if the IRS was also not a part of the Government but was yet another private corporation, acting as the collection arm of the Federal Reserve?

What if the money collected by the IRS did not, in fact, go to the Government but actually went to the Federal Reserve as a payment on the National Debt?

What if the Federal Reserve turned around and loaned it, at interest, to the Government? What if this made the National Debt even bigger so that it could never be paid off?

What if the elected politicians were not really running the country but were subserviant to some New World Order, once called the Illuminati, now called the Committee of 300?

What if this was the reason the country keeps heading in pretty much the same direction no matter which party is in power?

What if it doesn't make any difference who you vote into office because the ultimate outcome will not be any different?

What if the United States was not really a country but was actually a corporation, in business to make money for the New World Order?

What if the New World Order was the owner of the Federal Reserve and the IRS corporations? What if the New World Order was the owner of the United States corporation?

What if these things were all true and you were nothing but a debt slave, working to enrich the New World Order?

What if the matrix depended for its continued existence on people not knowing about it?

What if the only way out of the matrix was for the people to wake up and find out about it?

What if you found out about it?

Jim Forsyth - TeaPartyFire

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Jim Forsyth - TeaPartyFire




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