Political Correctness
24 November 2010

When you 'know' you should be thinking a certain way but you don't actually agree with that opinion then you may be dealing with political correctness. When you do run into political correctness have you ever noticed that it is always some left wing way of thinking? You just don't seem to find examples of right wing political correctness.

Have you ever wondered how come Democrats get elected as often as they do when only about 20% of the population describes themselves as Democrat? For decades the left has used political correctness to control how we think and to cut off debate on some subjects they prefer we don't talk about. Political correctness is a major tool in the arsenal of those whose thirst for power submerges any notion of rational thinking in the formulation of policy. Simply put, it's a method of mind control used to limit free speech and stifle liberty. How did this come about?

In order to answer this question it is necessary to delve briefly into Marxism. Marx believed that it was unfair for the ruling classes (employers) to make money off the backs of the working class. Marxist theory predicts that the workers will rise up in a revolution and communism will emerge to correct the perceived inequities. In 1917 this actually happened in Russia but when it failed to spread into Europe it was decided that Western Culture and Christianity were getting in the way and had to be destroyed. In the 1930s, Marxism was translated from economic to cultural terms and gave birth to what we now call political correctness. The revolution was now to be a cultural revolution and a new class consisting of students, women and minorities was targeted to foment it. This group is generally referred to as the victim class, you may recognize it as the main constituency of the Democrat party. Although the original theory of revolution by the working class would be quick and obvious, the cultural revolution is slow and subtle. It is actually going on right now and has been for decades.

Political correctness is simply a term for modern day Marxism combined with a dose of Freud. Part and parcel of political correctness are such wonders as diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism, environmentalism, secularism, anti-spiritualism, anti-patriotism, affirmitive action and sensitivity training. On University campuses it may be seen as Gay Studies, Black Studies and Womens Studies.

The lunacy of political correctness has us being required to expose our naked bodies or submit to sexual assault in order to fly the American skies. In the hands of Progressives political correctness is an insidious tool, in constant use to manipulate the minds of detractors and to further their Socialist agenda. Socialism being but a rest stop on the road to Communism. What to do about it?

A couple of years ago I was in a store at one of those Discount Outlet Malls. It was the Christmas season. I went up to the counter to pay for my purchase where I noticed a box of CDs. The printing on the front was a picture of holly, complete with red berries. I picked one up to see what music was on it when the assistant said "would you like to buy one of our holiday music CDs". As I put it back in the box I replied, with a slightly raised voice, "Oh no thanks, I thought it was going to be Christmas music". The assistant responded "Oh it is, it is Christmas music". Raising my voice a little higher (I wanted other people in the store to hear what I had to say) I replied "Well if you had called it Christmas music in the first place I probably would have bought it but since you chose to avoid the word Christmas I'm not going to".

That was just my way of fighting back. You may want to do it differently but the point is: Do fight back! Don't accept political correctness, don't allow your mind to be manipulated by the left. Be on the lookout and any time you run into it make a point of rejecting it. Try to do it in a way where others can learn from your example. Help others to realize that it is OK to hold views contrary to political correctness and it is OK to hold your head up high and espouse them. Learn more about Political Correctness.

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