What is Agenda 21
29 December 2010

This is not a science fiction story, this is an account of events that are taking place right now. This story is so preposterous that it is not to be believed yet it is documented and verifyable so check it out for yourself.

Agenda 21, also known as Sustainable Development, was launched by the United Nations at the Earth Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. At this conference some 178 countries signed on including President George H.W. Bush for the US. The following year President Bill Clinton established the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development by executive order. The purpose of this council was to implement Agenda 21, it published it's report "Sustainable America" in 1996.

Agenda 21 is a 40 chapter master plan which specifies in detail how we, the citizens of planet Earth, are to live in the future. All aspects of life are covered. It further specifies how the Agenda is to be implemented. As is the usual practice with Progressives, implementation is proceeding in secret and is disguised to make it appear as something beneficial that everybody would want. Today most of the cities and counties of the United States are actively working to implement this Agenda.

Of major impact to the United States is the "Bio Diversity and Wildlands Project USA". Under this plan most of the United States land mass will be declared inaccessible to humans. Humans are to be concentrated in "Human Settlement Zones"; high rise dwelling units will be constructed alongside railroad tracks. The railroad will be the main means of transportation, private automobiles will not be permitted. The Obama stimulus is a major source of funding for this agenda.

As part of this plan the population of the Earth must be reduced to a fraction of what it is today. Food will be limited and personal water consumption will be reduced to 10% of current usage. Genetically modified food will be provided for the population. The population reduction plan is currently under way.

Under Agenda 21 private property rights will be eliminated as will individual rights and the notion of the family. An example is the Supreme Court Kelo decision which legitimized the taking of private property from one person and giving it to another who had a better use for it. The American system of elected representation that holds the government accountable to the citizens will be replaced by a system of governance where the primary objective is to protect nature from the people.

To facilitate acceptance of Agenda 21 UNESCO has declared the period from 2005 to 2015 to be the "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development". During this period children are to be indoctrinated on how to become global citizens in the future global village and to develop loyalty to the government rather than to the family. This indoctrination permeates all areas of the public school system. It is a tenet of education under Agenda 21 that highly educated people consume more and consequently are less sustainable. It is therefore preferable for the population to be less educated. If you have noticed the dumbing down of our kids today, be aware that it is deliberate.

Progressives rely upon crises to precipitate implementation of their agenda. In this case Global warming is the crisis of choice. Adoption of Agenda 21 at the local level is driven by ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Under the guise of dealing with Global Warming ICLEI advises city councils on the implementation of laws and regulations that advance Agenda 21. Most notably the abolition of private property, the elimination of the supply of water (Delta Smelt in the Central Valley) and driving up energy costs. All of this is aimed at driving down living standards as we prepare to become equal with third world countries.

A tool used to further Agenda 21 is "Public-Private Partnerships". A Public-Private Partnership is a mechanism whereby a Corporation acquires control of Government assets. A Public-Private Partnership might be formed, for example, with a Corporation, a Foundation and a city council. Such an entity might acquire some of the cities infrastructure for the purpose of performing work on it that the city itself cannot afford. The net effect is that the city has lost control of the asset that actually belonged to the taxpayers. What is taking place is that the role of government is being diluted and the structure put into place by the founding fathers is being replaced. Learn more about Agenda 21.

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